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updating my resume like


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my throne


my throne
Okay, so I’m bored.


I may or may not regret this later but… url inspired graphics!

  • You don’t actually have to be following me!
  • All that I ask is that you REBLOG THIS
  • So I can see all your pretty urls <3
  • This will be unlimited
  • I’ll only be doing the ones that inspire me (sorry babes if you’re not choosen)
  • If you want to see some examples of my edits (x) they’re sorta sucky.

But most importantly: This is for me to improve my graphics skills, so please be kind, okay?

💕🍦💕 #freeconeday (at Dudley H. Davis Student Center)

💕🍦💕 #freeconeday  (at Dudley H. Davis Student Center)

💕🍦💕 #freeconeday (at Dudley H. Davis Student Center)


❝ Niall smells amazing but it’s the same smell every time, he has a scent. It’s overwhelming. You know when Niall’s in the room. It’s some sort of musk, a cowboy musk. Ireland. Leather bound books. He smells of Guinness.

— 5sos on what Niall smells like (via samizaynmalik)

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